Times have changed and video games have become part and parcel of everyday life. As a matter of fact, today, more than ever, a high number of homes own some form of video game. In line with this rise has arisen a career in the form of video game voice acting. While it is easy to think that this entails just talking, those that have dared to try will tell you otherwise. As a matter of fact, just like a music artist trying to break into the music industry, attempting to break into the career of becoming a video game voice actor is often characterized by multiple rejections. So, how does one breaking into this career?

Understanding that it’s all about acting

Unfortunately, for some individuals, they think video game is simply about reading some scripts. On the contrary, this is still acting and hence not different from typical acting scenarios. Emotion, inflection and reaction are typical of modern day video games. As a matter of fact, any video game producer will want a voice that makes the scenario appear as real as reasonably possible. Simply put, prior to attempting a career in video game voice acting, ensure that you are ready to really act rather than simply read some earlier prepared scripts.

Is your voice the right voice?

As unfortunate as it may seem, not every voice is suitable for a video game voice acting career. More often than not, being able to vary your voice significantly may do the trick for you. In one instance, a scene may require a harsh intonation only to immediate shift to friendly one. If such if your thing, the video game voice acting is no doubt your thing. Most importantly though, it is important to note that video games require voices that sound natural.

Where to start

A demo will of course do. Thanks to the rise of computers and access to the internet, with a few simply equipment, you can easily get your demo noticed. Fortunately, talent naturally attracts interest. Unlike in the past where getting a demo was tedious, let alone getting it to the right people, things have changed, thanks to advances in technology. Today, you can only blame yourself if you think you are good yet your demo is not yet out there.

Be flexible

Although the number of video games have significantly increased, the field is not yet a major employer and hence it may be a wise idea to be flexible and engage in other related jobs as well. Keeping options open can expand the horizon of opportunities.

In general, like any other career, it’s all about dedication, understanding and focus.