I. Voice Acting

For a while I’ve been doing amateur voice acting. I found that it’s a perfect hobby for me. I’ve been recording for audio dramas, original animations, indie games and game mods.

Below you can find my two demo reels. One from year ago (June 2011), which contained mostly made-up-on-a-spot lines, because I was asked to have one and didn’t yet have enough lines from the actual roles. The other is new (May 2012) and is a mini compilation of lines I did for some of the projects I participated in. Still, both these demos compliment each other in a way.

Those samples are in English, but I speak fluent Polish as well.

Polish demo reel: http://soundcloud.com/a-rien/demo-reel-polish

Want me to voice something in your project?

I do voice-overs for free for non-profit projects if I like them.

But since I’m not on holidays I don’t have that much free time and I must limit the amount of projects I can take on. Feel free to send me a message with information and I’ll let you know if I can help you or not.

Of course I will also do paid voicing if you intend to make profit of your work.

That being said, I will always appreciate any donation, I’m gathering money for a fully professional recording equipment or singing lessons ^-^

I keep the deadlines and can do retakes if the request is reasonable. I respond to e-mails quickly, but I expect same reliability from the other side.

I will not help for free with projects that have no basics done in other departments and are just concepts in the air (unless you have completed projects in the past). Experience taught me not to, sorry. You can always check back in later, when your project is further in development :)

Here’s a list of the projects I’ve worked with so far. Most of them are amateur productions that can either go in true Slowpoke mode (real life tends to get in the way, we all know that feeling) or fall off the face of the Earth. Doing this as a hobby for a longer while now taught me to better pick the projects I get involved in, but I have no idea if some of the stuff below will ever see the light of day. I used to have a separate section below to keep track of the MIA works, but I don’t have time anymore to keep track of everything here.

If you see a missing link to something, feel free to leave a comment and I will update the field accordingly :)


Miscellanous Projects
Project Name Character Producer
{audio drama}
Another Crazy World
Cherrie Damely ProjectTrinity
{indie game}
Battle of the Sands
Announcer Pierre Begue
Monster, Creature, Hero
SFX Daniel Gooding
{visual novel trailer}
Terra Jonathan Lackovic
Creepy Scarlett
Narrator Last Sunset Films
The Sands of Time
Mother Bruce Wayne
1001 Arabian Nights
Ifrit’s Concubine,
Desert Gems Audio
Zara Brandon Wright
{indie game}
Narrator Daniel Harris
{card game}
Carolyn Spears
{indie game}
Ariadne John E. Koukourakis
{indie game}
Frost Flowers
Ambrosia Patchwork Fairytales
{indie game}
Siege of Inaolia
Esaya Planewalker
{indie game}
Amulet of Athos
Seraphia ak47lol
{game fandub}
Radical Dreamers
Mirror of Whispers Aderu Moro
Seraphina Z-drama
{indie game}
Gloria Victis
Stuff Black Eye
{indie game}
This and that Exaro
{indie game}
Heroine Howling Moon Games
BaRoN Søda Meløn
Feveryn Ardacia
Doctor Smartryk Foster
{indie game}
Outlasting the Dead
Jane Chad Dulac
{indie game}
Insomnia is Coming
Stuff Krzysztof Galus
Desperate Man
Death Benjamin Tuttle
Yesterday’s Window
A Bit of Fairytale
{motion comic}
Lady Blaumeux
Game Mods
Mod Name Character Modder
Sins of Our Past
Angel Lihas
Interesting NPCs
Zora Fair-Child, Callen, Lleyara Kris Takahashi
Rescue Bronwen
Bronwen Erebus Red
Dovahkriid Grenzganger
Murren Ryan
Asciene Thirteen Oranges
Maids II: Deception
Freya, Abanji, Olivia Enter 77
Księga Czarodzieja
Kornelia, Olimpia, Xana Menelag, Asderuki
{dragon age}
The Shattered War
Desire Demon
Amstrad Hero
Jalma, Nord Bandits,
Svea, Necromancers
Alexander Velicky
{thief} Oliwia Timon
Willow Pseudonym
Marissa Mark Kemp
{baldur’s gate}
Aklon’s Sister Big Rob